Monday, December 1, 2008

Ripped Packagd Part 2

When I told Jadyn that I wrote about her ripping the paper on her package, she was upset. At first she thought that no one would want to give her any presents now. That of course isn't true but I wasn't able to convince her until I told her that I also wrote about me doing the same thing when I was little. It was bedtime so I lay down with her until she fell asleep because I wanted her to feel the love and acceptance that comes not with doing the right thing but comes despite doing the wrong thing. I needed tape to fix her rip in the Christmas package but I needed love to fix the rip I made in her.

One thing Jess shared about herself but I haven't yet about myself is how I became a Christian. We both became Christians at almost the same time about a year before we met. Is it an amazing tale that I will let you decide if it was a string of coincidences or if it was planned by God. That story will begin tomorrow.


Lynne said...

Jake --- your love and devotion to Jess and the girls is PRICELESS.. sleep well.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy seeing the small rips they make in front of you on their packages. As Aunt Sandy talked of yesterday--- soon they will figure out the fun of hunting for their presents before they are wrapped!!!

My sister and I were raised in one of the strictest environments and never went against our parents but for some reason their strong arm did not have that effect around Christmas time.

Once my sister was old enough to watch me and my parents would leave us at home--- we went on the greatest scavenger hunt ever. Most of the time we eventually saw all of our presents and we never told our parents. The excitement of christmas morning was always still there and receiving the presents, it really did not diminish the excitment.

I don't know how we had the nerve to do that. Wrath would have come our way if the parents had found out.

I'm most impressed with you and your desire to make sure Love comes first, thank you for making that conscious choice for your girls. Many of us with childhood wounds would not have so many hurt spots if family would have made that conscious choice of love-- A gift beyond and more valuable than any other gift.

Addison and I have lived in McKinney for over a year. If we were there, we would be more than happy to help with all the Christmas needs--- its soooo much fun, isn't it!! But knowing Aunt Sandy and Jessa's mom and many other of your wonderful friends-- I'm sure they will help you through the Christmas fun.

My Addison (who is Bryn's age) prays for the girls often-- even though it has been a long time since we have all been at Lake Arlington and she really doesn't remember the girls-- she is still deeply moved and has prayed for them for many months.

She sat in my lap and cried the day that Jess was able to put on her bright eyes once again and great smile and run and jump in to the arms of Jesus. Even a 5 year old has been deeply touched.

Later that day, we were driving and she said "mommy, look there, in the sky, see their mommy and Jesus, see them hugging". Addison was smiling big, I think she really saw them.

Tammy and Addison Mouser

JCF said...

Thanks for sharing that about Jaydn, that's awesome!


Al Rearick said...

A note for Jadyn-

Reading about your adventures that your dad writes on this blog makes my day brighter. Just when you think you've made a mistake that no one can forgive, there are so many grown-ups who look at you and still think, "What a wonderful child." God thinks that too, you know.

Jadyn, your joy in the Christmas season is something every child has. It's also something a lot of us grown-ups wish we still had. When we read your dad's story of how you "accidentally" opened a present, we think "I wish I still had that kind of curiosity and wonder." Don't ever lose that.

Like I said, Jake: duck tape. Impenetrable against small children's curiosity!

In Him and around the corner (and wishing I was 8 instead of 38),


PS: To Tammy, thank you for sharing your story. That was very nice!

Al Rearick said...

Another note for Jadyn (and Bryn)-

The puppy I was puppy-sitting sure enjoyed meeting you two the other night!

Mr. Al