Saturday, November 8, 2008

50 Reasons

Last week neither of the Yikes played soccer because of the funeral. Jadyn's game was at the exact time as the funeral so one of the team moms called and canceled it. It turned out that several families from the other team were going too. Today though I had fun coaching Jadyn and her team. My team just started passing a few games ago and Jadyn is coming into her own as a defender. The coolest thing though happened after the game: the other team (a different one than the the one we would have played last week) gave me a card that they had all signed.

Today was the last day of the Three Day walk for the cure. One of Jessa's favorite memories was going to cheer on the participants last year. It is a truly special event.

I just now read Tessa's blog post on Jess. I know many of you have already read it but if you haven't its the November 4th post at Also, today Tessa and I received a $450 check from Al Clark to go to Weekend Backpacks in honor of Jessica.

One of the neatest things Jess did for me the first year we were married was to write down on paper 50 reasons why she loved me. She said it was hard at first to come up with reasons but then she got in the flow and she came up with 56. I would say our first year of marriage was the toughest. We were both fiercely independent and naively thought that letting the other person have their way meant giving up and losing a battle. It was during those times I pulled out my list from Jessica and perhaps she pulled out mine because I made a list for her too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jake,

I've been working on a research paper this weekend. I decided to take a break and read your post. Wow, how exciting-$450 for Weekend Backpacks! Jessica is still encouraging and inspiring us!! I love reading about y'alls love story! How precious of Jessica to write down 56 reasons why she loved you!! Peace In Christ, pam gillum

Al Rearick said...

Watching y'all get that check from Al Clark tonight was very touching. I hope you & the girls got to enjoy the carnival today.

Your daily posts are a nice testimony to your faith, Jessica's faith, and how she touched others. Thank you for that.

In Him and around the corner,
Al Rearick

Anonymous said...

Jake, I again want to say thanks for sharing your faith, your love and your trials as you and your girls and the Kaylor and McNutt families begin their "new normal" lives.
I spent time last night reading the blog from 2007 and started 2008. It just gave me a sense of peace to read Jessa's words about God being in control. My ladies Sunday school class lesson was on control, losing our sticky fingers,from the book, Strong Women soft hearts. I immediately thought of Jessica and how she so let God be in control. Of course I wanted to say, but we asked and prayed for a miracle cure and you didn't answer. But then I know he was in control as I recalled how many times in her blog postings Jessa gave thanks for all her blessings and wrote that she knew God was in control. So thank you Jake and Jessica for influencing not only my walk in faith, but so many others. Blessings to you all, beverly