Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jessica's Video from the Funeral (thank you Mandy)


navyjustincase said...

Thanks for posting that. Now everyone can see the light that she had in her eyes from the time she was a baby. Such a beautiful girl.


Anonymous said...

that was absolutely beautiful... I've been away for a month or so and hadn't read the blog that Jess had passed away. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You do not know me but I got your blog from your friend, Kyle, who blogged about his wife's struggle and death with cancer. He had asked for prayer for your family when Jess was diagnosed with her cancer. May God lift you up and keep you strong ... your daughters are beautiful and will be a big blessing to your life. God bless you always!

Anonymous said...

My eyes are "leaking" again. Those brown eyes and beautiful smile, oh my. I am so glad that they are imprinted on my heart for a lifetime. Thank you sweet Mandy for loving your cousin so much. She would say, "I love you more." Jake, you are covered each day in prayer for comfort, for wisdom and for the Lord to reign healing as well as joy upon your family.

I love you,
Aunt Sandy

Mike Or Cherie Stephenson said...


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! This is how amazing Jessica is: You can watch the beautiful video,or just see a picture of her and feel the peace she had-the peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank you for sharing! Peace In Christ, P.G.

Anonymous said...

I have several things to share so this is the first installment.

We have been remodeling the house for almost 3 months now. Through the process I have shared prayer requests for Jess with our contracter. By now I should not be surprised how God weaves His tapestry together, but once again I have found myself amazed by His faithful ways.

Upon mentioning your family, our contractor told me that he had lost his mother to cancer when he was 4. He went on to tell me that he and his 2 sisters were raised by their godly father. Yesterday when he called to inform me of house stuff, he also shared that while working in an empty house recently, he was overwhelmed with thoughts of your family. He stopped what he was doing, sat in the middle of the floor and prayed for you all.

Just another reminder of all the ways God is ministering to you that you can't even see.

Celebrating His faithfulness!

Wendy Smith

Al Rearick said...

What P.G. said and more! That picture of Jess and the girls that is at the top of this blog and was included in the video.... gets me every time. That smile surrounded by all that love, you'd never know she was suffering. That is inspirational, my friend.

Jake, it was such a pleasure finally meeting you & Jadyn & Katelyn last night. Jadyn is absolutely adorable! I hope she's forgiven me for keeping you from her tuck-in time last night. :-)

The rapport between you & Katelyn brought back memories of when my daughter was Katelyn's age. She cracked me up!

Like I said last night, I tend to gush when I get behind a keyboard so I'll try to keep from getting all mushy & everything, but what you said last night about God's timing has really stuck with me. I'll always regret not ever having met Jess, but I am grateful that God has allowed me to meet you and the girls. Here's hoping last night was the first of many visits.

Or, as Bugs Bunny would say, "Dis looks like da beginning of a BA-YOOO-TIFUL friendship!"

In Him and around the corner,