Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Taking Breaths

Jadyn was super excited about the comments left for her and amazed by the rose made with keyboard keys.

Days of the week don't normally matter to me, but it mattered today. Jess passed away on Wednesday three weeks ago. Aunt Jaque keeps telling me something that seems simple, but it helps: breathe. Every time she does I find myself letting go of the breath I'm holding and then moving forward.

When we lived in an apartment, we lived upstairs from the Taylors. What makes that remarkable was that the wife's name was Jessica but no the husband's first name wasn't Jacob. We actually got to know them pretty well because we were constantly getting her mail addressed to Jessica Taylor and they got my Jessica's.


Anonymous said...


Payton is so excited you are coming to her sleepover on Friday night. You are one of her very special friends. We have lots of fun things planned. Don't forget to wear your pjs...Bring your sleeping bag and favorite stuffed animal to cuddle with.

I am so glad you signed up for basketball again. I can't wait for the season to start. You are such a good little athlete and a star player on our team.

Go Shooting Stars!!

Coach Lisa

Anonymous said...

Jacque tells me the same thing...sometimes we forget to breathe. You and the girls will be great, you are a GREAT Dad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jadyn,
This is a note just for you. You are such a special girl and a wonderful student. I'm the luckiest teacher in the world, because I get to get to be YOUR teacher! I'm so glad you talked to me about your mommy. She loves you sooo much. I think it's pretty special to know that your mommy and my mommy have the same birthday and they are both in heaven. I love you sweet girl. I'll see you tomorrow.

Mrs. Duron :)

Anonymous said...

Hi My Very Special Jadyn Rose.. I love you more than you can ever know.. Hope you have a great time at your sleep over on Friday.. All my hugs and kisses 8)

Aunt Pam