Thursday, November 6, 2008

Note Writing

Jadyn and I have started writing notes. Unlike Katelyn and Bryn she hasn't said anything about missing her mommy. In fact she has been completely close-mouthed about her feelings. Jadyn has just started reading so she was super excited when I wrote her a question asking how she was feeling. She wrote down a response super quick and couldn't wait to show me. I am so glad she has decided to open up and "talk" about what I knew she was feeling. It's the same with God and me, He already knows what I'm feeling but it's not so much a fact gathering mission-- its about strengthening our relationship. It's my prayer that I will be able to continue reaching all of my girls so that we grow closer together.

Jadyn has a favorite balloon from her birthday. It's pretty big, has a pink boa around its border, and says "Happy Birthday" in big letters. Today Jadyn called it her Happy Balloon-- which I thought was too cute.

The first purchase Jess and I made together was a leather couch. We went to Rent-a-Own store not to rent a new one, but to purchase one that someone had used and then returned. They had a pretty good price already on the couch (which isn't surprising considering the quality of stuff at places like that) but Jess and I haggled over the price with the sales man. We didn't like the price so we came back later and haggled but left because we still thought it be cheaper. Finally he ended up selling it to us for $135. Even though it wasn't a great couch, it was special because we bought it together. I also have a favorite memory of Katelyn on that couch. She would stand on one end of the couch and then totally without fear and hands by her sides would fall face first into the couch. She would laugh and then do it again and again.


Anonymous said...

I think it is great you have found a way to "talk" to Jayden. You probably already do this, but note writing in lunches is fun. I have a first grader as well that is just now able to read my notes. Just like Jayden she gets so excited. You could write her something silly like "your happy balloon is looking forward to you coming home from school." You are an awsome dad! We are praying for all of you.

Anonymous said...


I love the idea about writing notes - everyone has different ways to express feelings, and it sounds like this may be perfect for Jadyn, as well as yourself. One breath at a time. We are thinking of you.

Give the girls a kiss from us, and give yourself a hug.

Aunt Janette

Anonymous said...

Jake - people throw around the term "women's intuitions" a lot and you have been gifted with your own version. Children that are not typically verbal or become less verbal through a traumatic event do find it easier to write. My youngest has a hard time verbalizing - just his feelings. Other than that, he is a chatter. Writing for me has always been cathartic and I pray that for you and Jadyn.
Always praying for you
Chris Basden

navyjustincase said...

Hey Jake,
I love the idea of writing notes to eachother to get the feelings out. I pray that it will be an avenue to her heart so that yall can stay connected. The story about the couch is great. Its amazing what a piece of furniture can do to create lasting memories. Its also great that yall let Katelyn play that game on the couch. My mom would never let me play on the couch in that manner, but I let mine all the time. Its how we make those lating memories, when we let loose and have some fun.

Love Yall,
Carrie Farrell

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake,

I knew Jessica from Thursday morning Bible study at LABC several years ago. I didn't know anyone, and Jessica made it a point to become my friend. She would save me a seat every week, and we would pick up our kiddos from the nursery together. I think of her as Jesus meeting me there, big smile and calming voice.

I wanted to encourage you in the writing with Jayden. It would be a great time to introduce journaling. Maybe all 3 girls could get journals and decorate them with sequins, feathers, and such. Bryn could draw pictures in hers until she learns to write. They can write to God, to their mom, or to you to be read when they can't verbalize. Journaling is valuable at any age.

You are a great dad and example to all men. I have been praying Phil. 4:6-7 for your family.

Carla said...

You're so clever, Jake! Those girls are going to look back at this hard time and remember the incredible man of God that is their dad.

still praying,
the lindbergs

Lynne said...

Jake --- you are an amazing Dad... how creative to use note writing to reach out to is sort of like texting her a message.

What a wonderful memory for Katelyn to hear about her adventures with the "new" couch.

We keep you in our prayers,
Lynne and Dave