Saturday, November 15, 2008

Busy Like a Bee

Today Katelyn had a basketball tournament in the morning and a dance and a sleep-over tonight, Bryn had a soccer game and an end of the season soccer party, the Yikes had a skating birthday party, and I had an indoor soccer game. I got Katelyn and her friend Kim off to the basketball tournament this morning, but Bryn had a major melt-down. We couldn't find the soccer shorts that went with her uniform and she didn't want to wear any other shorts. Her melt-downs are not explosive: she simply stops talking and refuses to move. She very much reminds me of a stubborn turtle that has retreated inside her shell. The rest of the day went well though except for my soccer game. Our goalkeeper from last season can't play this season so I played keeper. I actually really enjoyed playing it because its an exciting position but I got scored on a lot and we lost. All and all it was a good day but we have another busy day tomorrow.

When Jess and I first got married we went out to eat a lot but when it came to eating at home I did the cooking. I think she would have picked up on it faster but I don't always measure or set timers to see how long things take to cook. Even if it was something simple like spaghetti Jess would want to know how long to put the noodles in for and I would try to tell her what they look like when they're done. However, she learned to cook when she started to stay home when Jadyn was born. Her exact measurements and timings lead to her being a better cook than I was. She loved trying out new recipes and rarely made the same thing twice. I think the only thing I've ever made only once was alphabet salad that my sister Sarah and I attempted to make when we were kids. We tried to find a food item for every letter of the alphabet and mixed it all together. Needless to say we would have been better off if we had limited it to less letters.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you know how to cook! None of us would have thought 4 years ago that this would be so important for your family. Jessa would go watch Mom cook, especially Thanksgiving meals. She would write every single thing down and get frustrated when Mom would just start "adding spices." Jess was going to be our back-up holiday cook in the family. Mandy and Jess would refuse for Mom to go out of town to see Janette on a holiday because none of us can cook like "Grandma." Jessa used to amaze me with her recipes. She was a great internet recipe finder. I used to love that she WANTED to cook for her family every meal. Sitting down with family to eat was always very important to her.

Love you,
Aunt Sandy

Al Rearick said...

Gad, what a busy day y'all had yesterday!

Missed you guys last night; we had a good turnout and a great time. We'll definitely be doing it again soon, though, and we'll definitely let you know when.

My prayers are with you tomorrow as you return to work.

In Him and around the corner (and still smelling like a campfire),