Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Saints Day

Today is All Saints Day a day that honors saints both known and unknown. Considering the life Jess led I thought it was appropriate that she was buried today.

Eric, Jason, and Carla did an amazing job today. They did a fantastic job at the graveside service and at the memorial service as well. Combined with testimonies by Bob, Kara, Shannon, and Sandy I feel like they perfectly captured Jess and her purpose here on earth. If I were to sum up Jessa's life I would say what they said: she put others first, she was special because of God, and as a result God no doubt has told her, "Well done good and faithful servant."

Today was also a hard day. About half-way through the graveside service, Bryn asked, "Is mom in there?" Jadyn was ready for the memorial service to be over long before it was. Katelyn was amazing though. At one point Jadyn told me not to put my arm around Katelyn anymore. When I said something about me wanting to keep it there, Katelyn said she thought Jadyn wanted me to put my arm around her instead and that it was OK with her. It was what Jadyn wanted. Bryn also at one point took her stuffed lamb over to a crying Ella.

After everything was done, we went over to Jessa's grandmother's house. It was pretty amazing because there was so much family there because there were a lot of family there besides the McNutts: mostly the Kaylors and Moodys. Family is so important to me. Aunt Diane already has a aunt-niece play date with Jadyn: I think they came up with about thirty things to do.

On the way to our wedding, Jess rear-ended the car in front of her. When they saw the wedding dress in the passenger seat, they apologized to Jess-- never mind that she had hit them! Fortunately the car was drive-able because if it hadn't been we wouldn't have made it to San Antonio for our honeymoon. As it was, we had to have my car towed to the shop before we left. Tomorrow I will tell you what happened to one of my groom's men the day of the wedding.


Anonymous said...

Jake, thanks for allowing us to spend this amazing day with you, from beginning to end.

There were almost 50 people at my moms tonight - all to honor Jess. It was wonderful having the McNutts, kaylors, moodys and burcies all together. Jess was smiling at us for sure.

All our love
Janette, gene, ryan and mark

Austin said...

Well it was sad at the service but im glad i went cause i wanted to see the best teacher in the world, your my first guy teacher and the best teacher outta all, im glad i got the chance to go, Mr. Kaylor, take your time on coming back,
I love ya man=)
-Austin Crabb 4th period English-

Anonymous said...

It was beautiful and perfect. We didn't know you two as well as many others did, but we are honored to have been blessed by your lives and testimonies. I still feel humbled that you chose to watch our children(and others) so we could stay involved in the college ministry even though Jessica was going through her battle with cancer. Sounds like that was an every day occurance for Jessica!

Heather and David Brooks

Carla said...

It occurred to me during the memorial service why God allowed Jessica's parents to split up when she was so young... so she could influence twice as many people through her now twice as big family.

It was a beautiful day. Thanks for letting us be a part of it. We love you.

Mark & Carla

Anonymous said...


I looked around at the graveside, at the memorial services and back at Mom and Dad's with our 50+ family members sharing stories and holding each other and I had two thougts:

Jessa is smiling down upon us from Heaven......and as Jess would say, I thought, "Thank you Jesus, for this moment.

Aunt Sandy

David D said...

I got to tell and Natalie were sitting on the right side of the family, over where Ella was sitting. I was doing good during the service, tearing up a little bit, but able to hold it together. That is until I looked up and there was Bryn, walking down the pew, over to where Ella was. I watched the whole exchange (even to the point where bryn got frustrated that Ella didn't want to take it, so she threw it in her lap!) But at that moment I lost it. I don't know why, but I just started thinking...Man, she just lost her mother, and there she is giving something of her's to someone else, who needed it more. Just like her mother! I tell you what...your family is precious, and will be in our prayers for a long time! It will be tough, but know that God will be there to wrap you in his arms, to wipe your tears away, and to listen when you need to talk. He is bigger than anything we will go through, and I know Jess is up there, singing praises to her Lord, and smiling knowing you guys are in great hands!!! God bless you guys. We love you!!!

David Dickey

Anonymous said...

Jake, I liked hearing the wonderful testimonies that people shared about Jessica. You are right "they perfectly captured Jess and her purpose here on earth" I am happy God blessed you and the girls (even though Jessica's time here was not as long as we would've liked)with such an amazing, beautiful, Godly person. Jake, not everyone gets to experience a Godly wife, or a Godly mom. I know you and the girls will cherish the beautiful memories of Jess. Jake try to get some rest. I will pray for you and the girls to have a restful night. Peace In Christ, pam gillum

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake,
Thank you for allowing us to share the memorial service with you and your family. Such a precious gift God gave us allowing Jesus to come to give us peace and hope, what great comfort that provides.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jake! I can't wait until "Aunt Diane and Jayden Day".... Out of the thirty things on the list, I'm a little worried about #17. "Buy me a kitten" Hmmmmmm

Love you, Aunt Diane

Anonymous said...

The service was so beautiful! Just like our God, it was really indescribable. Never have I cried so much at a memorial. I was broken, yet I was in total awe of God's presence and how much He was glorified. I, too, witnessed your precious daughter making her way out of the pew, with a "I know what I am doing, I'll be right back, just relax," about her and then offered a stuffed animal to an unhappy little one. Just like her Mommy, she was putting others before herself, at her Mommy's memorial service! WOW! WOW! Jessica and your family have touched and ministered to many, many hearts. She will always be remembered!
Lifting you all in prayer during this very difficult time.
Judy (Brock)