Saturday, November 22, 2008

Possum Kingdom

Bryn cried three quarters of a soccer game but played a fine job of goalie in the fourth. The most impressive thing to me was the other parents that tried to comfort her. It was a bitterly cold day more suited for football games and hot chocolate.
We are out in Possum Kingdom tonight (for those of you not in Texas I am not making this town's name up) hanging out with our extended family. It's too cold to go out on the lake but nevertheless its been great hanging out with family. . The most exciting thing for the girls has been the deer that let yopu come so clode you can almost touch them.

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Amy said...

We pray for you to get the rest you need. And when we come to visit, will you PUH-LEEZE take us to Possum Kingdom?
Amy, Erik, Luke and Paul