Monday, November 24, 2008

First Day in After School Care

Sorry I forgot to hit "publish post" before going to bed last night, so the post before this one is really from yesterday.

Today was the first day for Bryn and Jadyn to go to after-school care. Bryn really liked it. Jadyn said she did at first, but then she didn't like it. She asked me if she could stop going, but my thought is it was just the first day and Jadyn takes awhile to warm up to new things. She, like me, also wears her emotions on her sleeve, so while she was upset about going today it might go great tomorrow.

I am looking forward to the break after tomorrow. I plan to spend it with friends and family and perhaps take the Yikes to the zoo one day. Katelyn is planning to go with her friends to see Twilight tomorrow night. She is actually almost done with the book even though she just started reading it. I may be the only guy ever to read the series but it's cool now that Katelyn and I have one more thing to talk about now. It's good because there was no way I was going to read the other girly stuff she reads but werewolves and vampires I can handle.

Jess was an avid reader. The last book we read together was the Last Lecture. It was pretty cool because we alternated chapters with her reading most of it while
I would drive her to doctor appointments. I think in a way this blog has become a Last Lecture for us: we have written it for other people but eventually our kids will be able to read it and know their mom in a way they couldn't have know her before. They will learn about the impact she had and how many people loved her.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you, Jake! Thanks so much for keeping us up to date with your and the girls' lives. It was so wonderful to see you and the whole extended family!

love to you,

Anonymous said...


Edward and I are still praying for y'all and keeping up with you through the blog. I am also still using lessons I learned about God and life through watching and knowing Jessica.

Praying and Caring,
The Casas

Lynne said...

Jadyn--- I hope you had a good day today and maybe even made some new friends at after school care...
Enjoy your Thanksgiving vacation.


Aunt Lynne in Portland
I am your Grandpa Bob's sister

Taylor said...
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Taylor said...

Having been in after school care at Corey for 5 years, I know its not that bad. It may take a while to make some friends, but if you're there everyday, you start to warm up to people and become more friendly. I know she will make at least 2 or 3 new friends to hang out with during that afternoon time, at least before Christmas break. She is a wonderful little girl and I would have loved to have been her friend at that age.

Anonymous said...


I loved seeing you play the xylophone in the program today. You stayed right on the beat and also sang beautifully. I loved your song, "There are many things I am thankful for.." You are one of our greatest blessings. Mrs. Ray said you are a bright spot in her music class! Have fun in the afterschool program. I am glad you and Bryn have each other....YEA!!

Al Rearick said...

Drove by Wood this morning and saw the sign about after-school care and thought about you guys. I hope Jadyn and Bryn like it and get to a point where they DON'T want to leave their friends!

Isn't it great to have a common interest with your child? The same thing happened with me & my daughter with the Harry Potter series. In fact, for Father's Day one year, she took me to see "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" at the IMAX Theater. When the last book came out, we were both choked up!

I know you treasure these moments as well, and I thank you for sharing that with us.

In Him and around the corner (and not understanding the appeal of this whole TWILIGHT thing),