Friday, November 14, 2008

Start of a Busy Weekend

Today was my last day off work and the start to a busy weekend. Lots of stuff is going on plus end of the year soccer parties. Tonight Katelyn went to a basketball tournament, Bryn went with a friend to McDonald's, and I took Jadyn out to Cracker Barrel. I signed up Jadyn and Bryn to do after school care starting the week of Thanksgiving. I took them by earlier this week to make sure they were comfortable going and felt like they would have fun there. Jadyn was Ms. Popularity already when we stopped by and Bryn I'm sure will make a friend or two quickly.

I saw the new Cowboy stadium while driving around and it made me think of memory of Jess and I. Sometimes when we would go out on a date we would just randomly drive around until we found something. This one night we drove by the stadium only to see it moments later again. I tried getting on another road but there are a bazillion different roads that go by the stadium and somehow I kept getting on the wrong ones. We ended up just going home but we laughed quite a bit at the stadium that kept looming up in the front windshield.


Anonymous said...


I two have a Jess memory of Texas Stadium also! (Dallas Cowboy stadium for those not in Texas).

Jessica, Aunt Diane and I met the three day walkers two years ago at the start of the walk, at Texas Stadium. That is when Judy, Jacque, Sandy and Jennifer, along with others, were walking in honor of Jessica in the Susan B Anthony walk - that is the great 'pink friends' picture in the memory video.

After Jess, Diane and I saw the walkers off, the three of us of course went off to Starbucks to pick up our assorted flavored coffees, then back to Texas Stadium where we circled it a few times until we found the exact location for jess to enter - where Katelyn and Corbin where touring the facility with their class. She so wanted to be a part of that field trip.

I remember in that short timeframe loving spending time with Jess and Diane, we had great laughs - but Diane will have to remind you of the details, she is better at that recently then I am.

The unfortunate part is that on our way back to Arlington is when we received the call to pick up Jacque, James was in trouble.
It is comforting to know that James and Jess are together know, and playing cards - I bet!

Always thinking of you and love to all...(my eyes are leaking, have to stop now...)

Aunt Janette

Anonymous said...

yes, I know, now and not know ( = Keep you on your toes when your start back as an English Teacher - distractions are a good thing sometimes.


Aunt Sandy said...


Don't worry at all about the kids going to the afterschool program. Not only are they covered in prayer, they are surrouned by great people at school who will keep a watchful eye out for the YIKES. I love you,

Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake,

Sandy is right-no worries about the girls:) Praying for All


Al Rearick said...

Well, with the new Cowboys Stadium, you can have that same feeling of seeing it no matter where you turn. It looms like an ominous satellite on the horizon no matter where you go: Cooper Street, DFW Airport..... Heck, we could see it driving down Spur 408 on the other side of Grand Prairie!!!

In Him and around the corner (from where you can also see the Darth Jerry Death Star),