Monday, November 10, 2008

Half Full

On the way to a friends' house tonight-- Jadyn looked over at the fuel gauge and in the mathematical way she has (which is foreign to me) said that the gauge was half-full. Actually she said, "Wow, dad you you're fuel is half full. That's great right dad?" She's going to grow up to be an awful lot like her momma.

I hadn't realized until today that Natalie had posted about Jess on Nov. 2nd on her blog it's:

I am going back to work next week. Originally, I was thinking about this week but things have been harder than expected in some ways. Several people have made the comment that I have been feeling: life keeps moving. I still have a few things to get done this week (like take Jessa's will to a lawyer), but I am also figuring out how to be a single parent too. I know my kids miss me at school (I miss them too), but they are in great hands right now and I will be better equipped emotionally next week to teach.

A big thank you to the many people who have sent cards, done laundry, given money, brought meals, prayed for us, and have supported our family. Please also continue to think of and pray for our extended family: the Mcnutts, Moodys, etc.

Jess frequently tried to make her English class fun. She had no problem with using crayons, scissors, and paper to make things like red As for the Scarlet Letter. In particular I remember her spending hours trying to find the perfect song to tie in to her English lessons. I remember one time she couldn't decide which version of a song to choose so bought all three.


Anonymous said...

We are continuing to pray for you and your extended family. What Jadyn said was so like Jessica. I don't know if you know this but before I started serving up at the Mission Jessica was the one that encouraged me to follow what i believed was Gods prompting and she drove up there with me and went in to get info for me! She was so good at just getting things taken care of without any fuss!In Christ, Jeanette

Anonymous said...

I tried to post this on the "Letters" page on FB, but I think it was too I hope that it gets to the same place to be included in the book for the girls.

Precious Kaylor Girls,

I would love to share with you my memory of your amazing mother. I knew your mom for a long time...even before she was Jessica Kaylor. I knew her when she was Jessica Moody way back at Ditto Elementary, and even then I knew she was a special person.

I knew she was Sandy McNutt's niece and that alone was enough to make her stand out in my eyes. Your mom’s mom worked with my mother at J&J…so I have followed her from a distance for many years.

But, it wasn't until 2005 that I met your mom again as an adult. Our paths crossed again on a day that still stands out in my mind.

We both lived on Caliente, just 4 doors down in fact...and Jessica comes walking by the front of my house pulling a big red wagon with two beautiful girls in it.

I noticed right away that she didn't have any hair and of course, I was curious. Though I didn't know all the details then,

I knew for sure something was radiating from her in a unusual sort of way. There was something angelic about her, a softness in her voice, a soothing tone...

She was obviously sick, but that didn't stop her from stopping to greet Payton and I with a huge smile on her face as we were playing that morning in the grass.

I remember asking if the girls were twins...and she said no and introduced both of them and their ages. I was so excited to find out that Jadyn and my Payton would be in kindergarten together.

I will never forget that day...I know that God specifically placed your mom in my life, and He made sure that we were in the front yard that day as she passed by the house.

I remember vividly she and Katelyn teaching 12 girls the dance to “Calendar Girls” for the Wood Talent Show just last year, even though she was sick.

And, I will never forget how she took the time to organize, collect and present the coach’s gift not even a year, even though she walked with a cane.

Your mom was a special lady. She loved you girls so much and didn’t miss a step in the lives of her children until she simply was not able.

33 years ago, God breathed in Jessica a song and brought a masterpiece into the world. She sang her "LifeSong" until the day she went to be with the Lord, and it has been heard all over the world and brings smiles to thousands of faces.

I listen to the song titled "LifeSong" by Casting Crowns and I think for sure it was written about your mother, Jessica Kaylor. You decide, when you are ready, go to

She continues to be an inspiration to all who knew her. I count myself blessed to call her my friend.

There is no greater gift than to instill in another person the faith in God and in themselves. This is the legacy your sweet mom has left behind. Katelyn, Jadyn & Bryn, you girls are the Legacy and you are a reflection of your mom’s love.

Praise God for His promise that He will never leave or forsake us. And, praise God for His promise that because we believe in Him, one day we will see Jesus face-to-face and spend eternity with your precious mom.

This is my prayer for you…

"I pray that God will fill your heart with dreams,
that faith gives you the courage to dare to do great things.
May there be many moments that make your life so sweet."
And, may your mom’s love give you roots to help you find your wings.
(From “Find your Wings” by Marc Harris)

I know she will cheer as you “fly”!!

Your Friend,

Lisa Smith
Coach Lisa
Payton's Mom

navyjustincase said...

Hey Jake,
I love Jadyn's optimism. She definitely got that from her mommy. Being a single parent is hard, and a single dad probably even harder. You do have great support though and I am praying that it will continue on. We love you and we love reading the blog everday!


Anonymous said...

Jake - be a dad first - things like the will can wait.

Alpha 1 Vann Clan said...

You are a great dad to your kids! We are continuing to pray for you all.
Aaron and Kim