Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Girl Names

It was hard for today not to be a great day for the girls. To start with Jadyn and Bryn's classes gave them each a Build-a-Bear with a message said by all the other students in their classes along with a gift basket for our whole family. This time both Bryn and Jadyn had a great time in after school care. Then one of their great friends got to come home with them for a little bit to play. Katelyn got "kidnapped" by one of her friends to go spend the night. Actually Katelyn asked first, but I cracked up when her friend Kim actually played the outlaw when she showed up at our house complete with bandana. As for me I felt good this week in class-- I definitely felt more like a teacher whereas last week I felt like a lot of the time I was just going through the motions. I love teaching and I am so glad when my kids can get the best me-- not the one who is thinking of a zillion other things instead of focusing on them.

One of the years I taught preschool-- I had a cute girl named Jadyn in my class. Years later when it came time to name our second girl, Jess loved the idea of naming her with an uncommon name that I had a great association with and Jadyn seemed a great fit. All that was missing was a middle name, and we let Katelyn pick it out: she picked "Rose" and we both thought "Jadyn Rose" was a delightful combination. We now had a precedent of "yn" at the end of our girl names, but luckily Jess had a fabulous eleventh grader named "Bryn' the year before. "Isabell" for a middle name was harder for us to find but once we heard "Bryn Isabell" we were set.


Al Rearick said...

May God continue to be with you and the girls. I'm glad that after-school care was fun today for the little ones!

Thanks also for sharing the history of Jadyn's and Bryn's names. What is the story behind Katelyn's name? Next time I see you, I'd love to tell you how we got our kids names; you might appreciate how we got our son's name.

Hope y'all enjoy your days off. My prayers will especially be with you this holiday weekend.

In Him and around the corner (and maybe outside as well, we're puppy-sitting this week/weekend),


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind if I use your blog to send a message. I figure you have more people read about our family through your blog than I could ever reach through email. I won't make a habit of this but I felt called to pass this on to all of our amazing friends.

I just wanted everyone to know how much our family is abundantly thankful for their prayers, kindness, help,and mostly for their love for Jessa's family....everyone of us.

We are scattered everywhere from the west coast, to the east coast and everywhere in-between, each one of us missing Jessa at Thanksgiving more than we could ever express. We know we can do this becuase we have a great God but that doesn't take away from the rawness of our pain. It does however give us amazing hope and assurance that one day, because of our faith, we will all be together again.

Please pray specifically for Jake and the girls as well as Jessa's mom, dad, brothers and sisters. Pray that the Lord find ways to remind us how much Jess loved the holidays and that she would want them to be happy for her girls. Please pray for the Lord to give us a reprieve from grief so that we may celebrate and give thanks for the countless blessings we have.

From our family to all of yours....Happy Thanksgiving and as Jessa would say to all of us, remember to say, "Thank you Jesus for this moment."

With much love,
"Aunt Sandy"