Friday, November 21, 2008

First Date

Katelyn went on her first date tonight. Even though they went with a group of friends I was still a little bit nervous but I also felt proud of her for saying "yes" to the right guy. I and my shot-gun cleaning buddies will still need to get to know him better, but he has done the right thing by being a good friend to her first.

I feel like "Missing You" by Hawk Nelson was written about Jessica after listening to it. Thanks Taylor for telling me about it. I once put a CD together for Jessica with songs that reminded me of her. A song on that CD became a favorite of ours: "We Belong Together (Tarzan and Jane)" by Stephen Curtis Chapman.

Days are still going great: God has put so many wonderful people in my life that are fun to be with that I find myself smiling and laughing all the time. Nights are still horrible: I'm sleeping 4-6 hours a night. Bryn has had nightmares the last few nights. Her favorite thing to do now before she goes to bed is for me to give her two choices to dream about. Last night I told her to dream about unicorns or playing soccer. Tonight I told her to pick eating ice cream or playing soccer. She pointed out that playing soccer was a repeat from the night before so she made me suggest something else.

I am honored to have you read our blog tonight. Please pray for us but pray for my girls first.


Al Rearick said...

Many prayers coming from around the corner, my friend.

May you and the girls stay warm tonight.

May you all have sweet dreams tonight. And tomorrow night. And every night.

And may your safety be in place the next time Katelyn's date comes around! :-)

In Him and around the corner,


Anonymous said...

Job 11:18
Proverbs 3:24
Eccl 5:12

Anonymous said...

Jake, The four of you stay in my prayers. Hold each other tight and know that you are loved and prayed for each day.


Nita Cobb said...

I pray for you and your girls every day.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for still keeping everyone updated on this blog. myself, like so many others can't wait to read this, first thing in the morning or before they go to bed at night.

You and your precious family still inspire me so very much.You have a gift....your such a wonderful father to your precious girls and I know that Jess is looking down and smiling at such a wonderful father that you are and also what an awesome husband you were to her.

You and your family are always in our prayers. Our church family pray for each of you as well.

The London Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryn,

I am praying for you to have sweet dreams:) Have a good night pretty girl! I love you!! Ms. Gillum

Anonymous said...

Jake,We have all been so glad to have you back at school this week.
Hope Katelyn's first date was great for her and that you survived! In the week coming up, I am going to give thanks for the example you and yours give us every day. You four are in my prayers.

Rosanne Schroeder

Alpha 1 Vann Clan said...

I prayed for sweet dreams for Bryn and a good night's sleep for you tonight (Sat.). Hope you made it to the soccer game. That should help you sleep well--ha! Aaron will be worn out. Hope Katelyn had fun!


Lynne said...

Jake --- I have you and the girls in our prayers each night. I am sure each of the girls finds a way to keep you on your toes and we are so thankful that you are supported by so many family and friends close by. Again --- I wish we were closer.


bshenry said...

I think you need to introduce all prospects to Gary as your girls' "other" bodyguard. :)

Praying for you!

Tessa said...

First date?????? No way, you should have called me so I could spy on her! I will do it! Katie, just know that I may very well be spying on you and you don't even know it. :)

Jayden, I think you need your own blog like Zander. Then everyone would really know how sweet you are!

Bryn/Cara, Every night I pray with Sophie and Landry and we ask God to send his angels to surround their beds and protect them. We ask him to bless them with sweet dreams. We will ask this for you and your sisters and daddy from now on.

We love you girls and you too, Jake!

Anonymous said...

My dad came home one day from work with a new shotgun that he had bought only to greet my boyfriend with it. My boyfriend said he hoped that he wouldn't use it on him and my dad told him not to give him a reason to use it on him. As a freshman in high school, I couldn't believe it. We will continue to pray for you guys daily.
Monica and Harry Barogh

McCullough Family said...

I've been up in the middle of the night since Sept with a new baby and prayed often for Jess and now think of your family often. I will keep praying for peaceful sleep while I am up in the wee hours of night. Carrie M