Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lots of Fews

Jadyn invented a new word: fews. It means a lot of something which is exactly what you would have if you had the plural of a few of something. I have been asking God for help in a few things. My thinking was that God can help me provide for my girls. I had it flipped though because it is God is providing for my girls and I am only helping. There is no other way to explain the outpouring of love that has been show us. OK there are other explanations but they would just been plain wrong.

Speaking of turning a few into fews, this weekend over 3500 people raised 8 million dollars towards reaching a cure for cancer.

Tonight I thought I'd share a story from my childhood that brought me the same feeling as I'm feeling right now. Christmas was approaching and we were traveling on the road. The main thought on my mind was "How is Santa going to get into the roof of our VW bus to give us presents?" I also remember my sister and I being cold and hungry so I'm sure our parents were too. On Christmas Eve my dad stopped at a motel to ask if we could use a shower there. I can't remember if the manager did or not. What I do remember is him inviting us to join his family for Christmas Eve dinner. I remember feeling warm and full. He even let us play some of the video games in the lobby for free. Christmas did come the next day (I suppose Santa made it up the exhaust pipe) but truly we had gotten to open up a present early.


Anonymous said...

We are continually praying for you, the girls and the family. We admire your strength and grace as you go grieve and care for the girls. As others have said, you are a great dad and God will continue to provide for you all. That was a great childhood story.

The Casas

Anonymous said...

"We give God glory-and draw others to Him." Jake that is what you are doing by continuing to share your faith with us. Thank you! Children are so precious. I like Jadyn's new word "fews"!

Peace In Christ,

Pam Gillum

Anonymous said...

Jake --- you are incredible... blessings and enjoy all the "fews"
This indeed it the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

with care and prayers,

Amy said...

I'm so encouraged by your posts. We are far away, but we pray every day that God is caring for you through the outpouring of love provided by the body of believers. And He is.
Amy, Erik and the boys

Anonymous said...

My childhood included a VW bus, too. The body was lime green, the roof cobalt blue, the interior had black shag carpet and my mom made curtains for the windows. Really.

Praying for you all, Jaynie

Anonymous said...

Jake - thank you for being so real with so many people, familiar and not so familiar.
I loved your story and could relate to the VW Bus - Steve and I went on a few dates in 1982 in one - orange with a white top if I remember correctly.
thanks again for sharing -
Chris Basden

Anonymous said...


I love your stories...so from the heart. Did you know we had a Volkswagon Bus growing up? It was "before Jessa!" It was red and white...the first of the SUV's. I think it was our first brand new car and it could comfortably seat all 9 of the McNutt clan. I remember when you and Jess first bought the green van so that it could accommodaate Jadyn in her body cast. It wasn't Jessa's favorite car as it wasn't very "hip." I told her that it could have been worse. She could have learned to drive in a Volkswagon that continually backfired down the road. She laughed and laughed at the site.

Aunt Sandy

Al Rearick said...

"Fews"..... from the mouths of children. Why is it we lose that wisdom as we get older? You have been blessed with wonderful children, and you show that joy magnificently with your posts. My prayers continue to be with all of you.

We never had a VW van (we did have a VW Beetle, but that's another story for another therapist), but we did have an old Chevy van that we used for long trips. Mom did the same thing: carpeted, insulated, etc. Made for some very nice drives.

Finally, it's just nice to see Ms. McNutt here. We (Cyndy, Nathan, and me) miss you, Ms. McNutt!

In Him and around the corner,