Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Secret in the Closet

I found out today that the reason Katelyn's room was clean was that her closet was not. Her closet wasn't so much a storage area as a secret overflow for clutter. It's 10:45 and she's still cleaning it. On the plus side Katelyn has discovered she has thirteen pair of jeans.

I am looking forward to being with family tomorrow. I don't think it will feel exactly like Thanksgiving has in the past, but as a friend of mine said we are going to be living in a "new normal."


liz moody said...

this makes me smile! and think about when i was little. i used to do the same. i have this big closet at home and when i was little i hated putting clothes away, so i would throw them in the closet and eventually my mom found out and it would take FOREVER to clean it. hope all is well with the girls and you jake. miss you all and love you soooooo much!
happy thanksgiving!
-aunt lizzie

Lynne said...

Hugs to you all and we are so glad you will be with family tomorrow. Since Jess touched each of you (and all of us)in such special ways, she will be there in the smiles, laughter and memories ...just soak up all the love and support.

Blessings and Thanksgivings,
Lynne and Dave

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving. You are in our prayers durring this holiday season. The Hicks Family

Anonymous said...

What a great tidbit! I did the same thing Katelyn did when I was younger and I hate seeing my kids do it, but knowing I did it is also a reminder of my blessings. Today I am grateful for how your and Jess's testimonies have touched me, changed me and transformed many others' lives. Thank you for being transparent in your love for Jess in your love and desire for the Lord.
CHris Basden

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to the Kaylor family. Enjoy all the special times with all of your family.