Saturday, November 29, 2008

Funny Car

Katelyn and I had a car conversation tonight. Being sixteen may be two years away but she has getting a car on the brain. I thought it was pretty funny because she told me that she wanted a Mustang GT with a GPS. It has to have a GPS she said because she has no sense of direction. Then we talked about how much that would cost. Apparently she she had already seen one with her cousin for about $11,000. She pretty much had no idea how much that was because she thought she could convince eleven people to give her $100. When I told her that would be $1100, she said they could just donate $200 then. That lets me know two things: 1. she thinks she's pretty persuasive and 2. she has no math skills. We'll see where she is in two years but
I think she may be driving a rusty used school bus.

Today is also one month removed from Jess passing away. I am taking advice from the wise and taking the girls' presents over to someone's house to have them wrapped. The bonus is hanging out with a godly couple who are both great friends. If I have to wrap any presents after this (even with double sided tape), the great thing is no one will have to wonder who they are from.


Amy said...

My first car was an emerald green 1976 Chrysler Cordoba. If you google that, you can see the biggest, ugliest car that ever existed. I wish I still had it so that I could give it to Katelyn. :-)
We still pray for you all every day.
Amy, Erik, Luke and Paul

Anonymous said...

What happened??? Katelyn was a math whiz in second grade!!!! ;) I was blessed to have her!!

Barbara Payne

Anonymous said...

I had followed Jessica's journey for quite a while now. My last view though was in September and I was shocked and sad to read about her passing. She was so brave and had a wonderful family. You're courage and strength moves me. It is an unbelievable story how I came to know about Jessica's web site but that doesnt matter...what matters is that though I never met her I felt a connection with her. I know someone that knows Katelyn and is how I started to follow such an inspirational journey. Jessica has touched my life in a way I cannot explain or express in words. I am sadden to know how horrible October was but grateful that our Lord gave her the strength necessary. You're and those precious little angels are always in my prayers...

Al Rearick said...

My daughter's first car was a solid-steel Volvo tank. I think the car was older than her.

My prayers are with you anyway, but now that Katelyn is approaching driving age, YIKES may take on a whole new meaning.

In Him and around the corner (and looking for a place to hide in two years LOL),