Monday, November 17, 2008

Pick a Side

One of the things that has really helped me is going to Gilda's Club. There are lots of several groups at Gilda's Club but the one I have been going to for friends and family members of someone with cancer. There is nothing magical about it: it's just a group of people talking about our struggles and triumphs, but on the other hand having a group of people that share in your griefs and achievements just as they are going through the same thing is exactly what make it so special. The people in the group and I share a special bond and the coordinator for the group, Ellie, is phenomenal. When I lost Jess I didn't know I could still go to the group since there is a different group for those that have lost a friend or family member to cancer. I recently talked to Ellie on the phone and she let me know that I was more than welcome to still go to the same group. I don't know how more times I will go, but I felt it was really important that I go tonight. I was so glad I did-- seeing this remarkable bunch of people was exactly what I needed tonight.

I come from a family of very little sides. Whenever my mom would make a meal, there sometimes might be a side of vegetables but most of the time it was just the main dish. However, whenever I made the main dish, Jess always wanted to add a side. Even though she began preparing these herself it was still annoying; "Why do we need a side I thought?" However, I came to realize that it was her way of coming along beside me and adding value to our meal. I have trouble letting go of doing things that I do my way when it is good, but when it became our way it became better.


Amy said...

Hey Jake,
We've all got colds here in Portland, but I was happy to read that you all don't have colds in Texas. That's random, but true.
I'm glad you were able to go to group. It sounds encouraging. We continue to pray and we are encouraged by your transparency on the blog. The other night I went through all the emails Jess and I exchanged over the years, mostly when I was pregnant. I'll have to forward them to you at some point...or maybe the girls. They were such a source of encouragement to me at the time and continue to be.
In prayer for you all,
Amy and Crew

Anonymous said...

We LOVED having you back in group tonight. Thanks for your kind words. You are pretty phenomenal yourself Jake. Come visit us anytime. It is a joy to have you with us.

P.S You can always call for extra homework assignments. :)