Sunday, November 16, 2008

Be Still

We went to church in the morning and Sunday school. It wasn't the subject of the sermon but God definitely wanted me to pay attention to Psalm 46:10 which is "Be Still and Know that I am God." Lately my mind has not been still-- especially at night when it takes a long time for it to slow down enough for me to go to sleep. Practically, being still for me means letting myself relax and not trying to fill up down time. After church Jadyn had her last soccer game followed by her end of the year soccer party. The families of the girls on her team have become very much my family. Not only are they fun people to be around they have been a tremendous support to us. We finished the night at a friend's house where we have been studying The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel which is a terrific book. We got through a busy weekend and had fun but I'm looking forward to a calmer one. I go back to work tomorrow which I am a bit nervous about since I haven't been there in a while, but luckily I have awesome students that I get along great with.

I have a silly memory tonight about Jess. I have no idea why I did this other than to be goofy but one time I put my mouth over her eye and created suction on it. "Stop," she said, "You're going to get my eye infected." "No," I said "you can't get an infection from sucking someone's eye." Just in case you were thinking about sucking someone's eye in the future, don't because Jess was right.


bshenry said...

Will be thinking about you this week as you go back to work!

So sorry I didn't make it over there for more than a couple hours. I've been crazy busy the last couple of weeks...and that NEVER happens!

Anonymous said...

Funny Story about you, Jessica, and her eye:) Peace In Christ, P.G.

Tamara said...

You tell such wonderful stories with surprisingly few words. Thank you for sharing your family's journey. I began reading your blog after Lisa Sepulveda mentioned you on a Facebook status update about a month ago. God has impressed upon me to pray especially for Jadyn, so please let her know this "stranger" has a special place in her heart for her.

Al Rearick said...

Treasure those silly memories, my friend. I was talking to my daughter last night and relating your interaction with Katelyn, and we started reminiscing about silly stuff.

Here's to more silly stuff.

In Him and around the corner (and bummed because I can't come up with a good eye-sucking joke),


Lynne said...

Jake -- I so hope your first day back went as well as possible. I am sure the students surrounded you with lots of love.
With continued prayers and hugs

Anonymous said...


I prayed for you and the girls everytime you crossed my heart today and let me say, you were prayed over constantly! Please let me know any specific prayers and we will storm Heaven with your petitions. I love you, Jake. I thank Jesus that the girls have such a Godly father. I can't wait to hear about your day back at school. I just know you were surrounded with much love.

Aunt Sandy